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Luxury real estate on the Basque Coast
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Luxury real estate on the Basque Coast

Sotheby’s International Realty in the Basque Country

Our region

Located in the Golf of Gascony, between the Landes and Spain, the Basque Coast seduces with its authenticity and its dolce vita. Open on the Atlantic Ocean and close to the Pyrenees, it enjoys a pleasant climate all year round. The beauty of its landscapes charms tourists which are more and more numerous to invest in real estate in Biarritz, Anglet, or Saint Jean de Luz.

Its respect for tradition, mixed with bustling cultural, economic and sports activity, and the lack of economic insecurity, attracts investors from all around the world.

The Empress Eugenie, Victor Hugo, Queen Victoria, Coco Chanel ... the Basque Coast has hosted the greatest of this world, and remains the most popular holiday destination in France, for its sporty atmosphere, its surf spots, its golfs, its thalassotherapy and its beautiful beaches.

In the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, following the Emperor Napoleon III with his Villa Eugenie (current Hôtel du Palais), all the most elegant personalities of the time want to build a seaside villa in Biarritz. Each one wishes to show originality and modernity, and one sees appearing several masterpieces of architectural works, like the Castle of Ilbarritz, the Villa Belza or the Villa Casablanca.

There are different types of architecture in Biarritz and Basque Country:

- The Neobasque style
The traditional neo-basque house, inspired by the labourdine house "etxe", is characterized by its white facade with red, blue or green timbering. The neo-Basque style was defined at the beginning of the 20th century thanks to talented architects like the Gomez Brothers or Claude-Henri Godbarge, for example, who advocate the emergence of a regionalist style.

- Art Deco style
At the end of the war, the Art Deco architecture reflects the momentum of freedom and happiness of the population. It is characterized by geometric volumes, a stylization of decorative elements, and large openings. The Villa Leihorra in Ciboure by the architect Joseph Hiriart is a true manifesto of style, one can also think of the Casino of Biarritz or the Hotel Guétharia of Guéthary.

Neo-Gothic or neo-Renaissance villas, Hispano-Moorish-style properties, Old English mansions, Belle Epoque stone constructions and contemporary houses can also be seen.

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